Restland Cemetery - Brimfield Township, Ohio
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Cemetery: Restland Brimfield Township
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Attanasio, Andrea 00/00/0000
Attanasio, Anna 00/00/0000
Aultman, Charlie E. 07/24/1876
Aultman, Cutis W. 01/01/1914
Aultman, Elizabeth Gusherd 01/01/1930
Aultman, Henry 01/01/1905
Aultman, Susan 09/15/1898
Aultman, William A. 10/08/1891
Ayliffe, 00/00/0000
Babb, Baby 00/00/0000
Babb, John Byron 02/11/1947
Bachtel Stuart, Effie Elizabeth 03/15/1993
Bachtell, Lloyde H. 08/03/1954
Baer, Albert Gordon 06/13/1970
Baer, Pearl C. Howsare 07/04/1988
Bailey, Arthur L 04/29/2006
Bailey, Bonnie Oles 10/09/1982
Bailey, Jamie A 03/31/1958
Bailey, Jeffrey V. 04/12/2001
Bailey, Randy R. 06/07/2008
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