Restland Cemetery - Brimfield Township, Ohio
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Cemetery: Restland Brimfield Township
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Image Map Name Date of Death
Anderson, Lois M. 03/22/1996
Anderson, Virginia M 12/19/2012
Andre, James Austin 00/00/0000
Angebrandt, Arnold A. 00/00/0000
Annala, Jacob 05/18/1981
Annala, Lena 00/00/0000
Apichell, Virginia 06/21/1996
Appleton, Henry J. 00/00/0000
Appleton, Naomi 00/00/0000
Arnold, Dallas R. 04/30/1997
Arnold, Eric Charles 00/00/0000
Arnold, Leah Grace 05/23/1992
Arnold, Rodney R. 04/02/1983
Arnold, Verna Horvatic 00/00/0000
Arrant Jr., Baby Luther 00/00/0000
Atha, Richard 00/00/0000
Atha, Warren 01/14/2015
Atkinson Sr., Ray R. 12/31/2006
Atkinson, Sandra Louise 11/08/1988
Attana, Donald W. 01/29/1992
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